The Difference in Size Between A Timber Wolf and A Coyote

by Robb Russell  Anytime Wildlife Control SitesByRobb

Here’s something to think about.

If a coyote is designed to kill a 350 pound calf, and coyotes hunt in pairs.

What would a pack of wolves be able to accomplish?

 A pack of wolves can take down any single prey animal that walks the North American continent. Particularly in deep, crusted snow. Bison, moose, elk, it does not matter. Alone, none of them are safe from the wolf pack. Only in the herd can they survive.

Being a Florida boy I am just amazed at the size of wolf compared to our own little old scrawny coyotes. Many of my trapper friends out west and even in Wisconsin have already had to take down nuisance wolves .  Gonna have to make trip out west if I can get a chance to legally trap wolves. – Trapper Robb

Special thanks to Reginald Murray of Oklahoma Wildlife Control LLC , a member of The Wildlife Pro Network and part of Anytime Wildlife Control Team in Oklahoma  for sharing this . Reginald and his company are based out of Tulsa and perform a broad variety of bat, bird, wildlife control services statewide in Oklahoma. He is often called for urban coyote trapping throughout many of the cities in Oklahoma.

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