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We are a wildlife removal company that traps and relocates wildlife. We also do small entry point repairs. Animal removal is basically short for the wild animal removal services we provide including emergency wildlife control and emergency bat removal 24/7 in Orange County, CA. We are licensed, and insured to operate in the State of California. We know how to trap, capture and catch most any wild animal you may have a concern about. We remove animals to the satisfaction of our customers.

We are experienced Coyote Trappers and Fox Trappers in Orange County, CA.

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Bat Trapper , California Orange County

Bats are usually trapped for one reason today and that is for the biological study usually done by Universities or government research agencies. Bat traps are not usually used in most parts of the United States for the removal and management of invading bat species in a home, commercial or industrial structure. Many professional bat removal and bat control companies or bat pest control companies often use the latest techniques of bat management that include a meticulous bat inspection, followed by either the placement of bat exclusion devices and or, bat netting and then successfully identifying and sealing up all access and exits points. Homeowners often realize that getting rid of bats in attics, chimneys or other parts of their home is very difficult and sometime even dangerous work . It is impossible to simply remove the bats from a home with out having the home sealed properly to prevent the next bat colony infestation.

Please call 877-724-5314 for Bat removal, bat control, bat exclusion or bat management services in Orange County CA.

Beaver Trapper , CA Orange County

Beavers are North America’s largest rodent and cause millions of dollars each year in damage to farms, agricultural property, homes and business. Do you have beavers affecting your home, farm business, or exterior property? We offer professional help with beavers. We are professional beaver trappers and wildlife removal specialists.

One of our primary lines of work is to remove beavers from locations where they may cause damage. Beavers that build dams that threaten to wash out roads and bridges, or that contaminate the water supply. We use the most current methods of beaver trapping, cleanup, and block out techniques.

Bird Trapper , CA Orange County

Birds in large numbers or flocks in any urban environment can quickly become a health and sanitary problem. Bird poop, and the need to remove and cleanup up bird feces or bird droppings quickly can become a concern and can quickly change the appearance, even the smell of a home or business establishment.

Common nuisance bird species include blackbirds, bluebirds, buzzards, crows, ducks, doves, geese, grackles, pigeons, ravens, sparrows, starlings, swallows, swifts, woodpeckers, turkeys, vultures, and any bird(s) that may become a nuisance . Most birds are protected by international treaty, Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and special permits and preliminary control procedures will be required before a permit for any lethal measures be approved. Birds can either be trapped, repelled or deterred from establishing a flock by the use of special bird netting, bird spikes, bird electric shock bird repellent systems.

Please call 877-724-5314 for professional, bird control, and bird removal in Orange County, CA

Coyote Trapper Orange County , California

Urban conflicts with coyotes, or coy-dogs can range from occasional sightings without incidents, to killing of pets like dogs and cats, and then to the most extreme cases of coyotes attacking people especially the very young and very old.

The coyote although resembling a dog should always be treated like any other wild animal and should never be trusted around any pets or small children. In a urban environment coyotes often become rat, mouse and rodent hunters, and will readily take down a domestic cat or small dog for a next meal. We offer safe, humane coyote trapping using a variety of coyote trapping techniques according to local and state laws.

The most reliable coyote trapping methods involve the use of footholds, cable restraints, snares, and the collarum. Cage trapping coyotes has been proven to be very time consuming, expensive and rarely will catch the problem coyote and just curious juveniles nearby. Please call 877-724-5314 for urban coyote trapping, coyote removal or coyote control in Orange County , California.

Fox Trapper Orange County, CA

Catching a fox is a tough challenge to an inexperienced fox trapper. We have all heard the term sly as a fox and if you are a farmer, home or land owner with a fox problem we have the answer to lost chickens, ducks, geese and other young poultry and other domesticated animals. Most nuisance fox are taken by humane trapping methods or by a professional in predator control hunting.

So if you want a trapper to get the fox out of then hen house please call 877-724-5314 for professional Fox trapping, fox trapper, fox removal , fox control and fox management in California Orange County.

Mole Trapper Orange County, California

Moles are very small mammals that live most of their entire lives underground. Moles are rarely ever seen other then the damage they eave in lawns. Moles and their damage are easily confused with other small mammals like voles, pocket gophers, mice, shrews, and ground squirrels.

We trap moles, control moles and remove moles damaging yards, grass, lawn and turf. In every sense of the word we know how to trap moles and give you a mole free lawn environment. We do not use poisons and pesticides and do it the natural and most proven method by using some of the finest mole traps in the professional mole trapping & mole control industry. Call us at 877-724-5314 about California Mole Control and Mole Pest Removal

Opossum Trapper Orange County , California

Opossums rarely cause damage and most damage associated with opossums is usually the result of curiosity then getting stuck somewhere like a opossum in a chimney, opossum in a bedroom, dead opossum under mobile home etc.

We trap opossum, control opossums and remove opossums. We offer professional opossum trapping services and opossum removal and opossum control in Orange County.


Raccoon Trapper Orange County, CA

Raccoons are the most common nuisance wildlife species in North America- in the United States and Canada . Raccoons have adapted very well from being a rural predator to a urban dweller of homes via attics, basements, chimneys, fireplaces, garages, shed, wood stoves etc.

The raccoon is a very powerful mammal with an advantage over all other mammals with the exception of primates. The raccoon has a thumb like appendage that gives the raccoon the ability to grip, turn and rip off thinks like roof shutters, attic vents and chimney caps.

We are experienced California raccoon trappers. We know all the raccoons tricks and antics and have the right raccoon trapping solutions to put an end to your nuisance raccoon concerns. We use humane raccoon traps, we are raccoon trappers that offer raccoon control and raccoon removal solutions.

Skunk Trapper Orange County , California

Few people enjoy the smell of skunks or their well known, famous offensive skunk odor. We offer professional odor free skunk removal, skunk control and skunk trapping services. We know how to trap skunks, how to get rid of skunk problems humanely, get skunks out and keep skunks out!

We are experienced skunk trappers. We know all the skunks tricks and antics and have the right skunk trapping solutions to put an end to your nuisance skunk concerns. We use humane skunk traps, we are skunk trappers that offer skunk control and skunk removal solutions.


Squirrel Trapper Orange County , California

Squirrels in attics are one of the biggest complaints professional nuisance wildlife trappers encounter in both the United States and Canada. The squirrel family is a very large family group in the order Rodentia. There are tree squirrels like the Gray Squirrels,

Fox Squirrels, Red Squirrels and Northern flying Squirrels and Southern flying Squirrels and the ground squirrels like the thirteen lined ground squirrels, Belden’s ground squirrels, Townsend ground squirrel, Franklin ground squirrel, Richardson ground squirrel, Artic ground squirrel, and ground squirrels. The largest member of the ground squirrel family is the woodchuck [ground hog, whistlepig ]!

Ground Hog Trapper Orange County, CA

We are experienced squirrel trappers. We know all the squirrel’s tricks and antics and have the right squirrel trapping solutions to put an end to your nuisance squirrel concerns. We use humane squirrel traps, we are squirrel trappers that offer squirrel control and squirrel removal solutions.

Snake Trapper Orange County , California

One of the most effective types of snake management involves the trapping of snakes using specially designed traps that allow for humane capture and release of snakes later.

Snake trapping is often used for biological sampling of snake species for study or for getting control of large populations of snakes or where venomous snakes may live near public municipal, residential , commercial or industrial areas or a construction work site or land development projects. We provide snake control and snake removal solutions in Orange County.

Dead Animal Removal Orange County , California

Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Trappers Orange County

Dead Animals show up in so many places. Skunks, Armadillos, Cats And Dogs are often found run over by cars. Raccoons, Possums, Rats, Squirrels and Mice all are commonly found in attics, walls and in some cases even in a kitchen or pantry.

Animal Removal can be very disgusting work. With the aid of mask, gloves and disposable suits we have found the work to be bearable.

If you are willing to pay we promise to have any dead animal gone today! We offer these services 24/7 in and often provide these services on weekends and off duty hours when even the local municipal government is closed for business.

Dead Animal In Your Attic? Orange County

Dead Animal Removal Orange County, CA

For a fee we would be happy to remove them from your business property, along roadsides, parks etc. We are experts in the location of dead animal smells and odors in your home or business. We remove the dead offending animal and provide sanitation and the deodorizing of any offending smells or odors.

For more information on our dead animal removal services please call one of our professionals today at 877-724-5314.

Found A Dead Animal In Your Yard?

We don’t do domestic dogs and domestic cats. We don’t have puppies or kittens either. We are not set up as a animal rescue service and all of our funding comes from customers like you in the private sector.

Wildlife Removal Animal Trapper Orange County, California


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